Skydiving in Interlaken, Switzerland Note: My lovely website is overdue for a complete overhaul (as you have likely noticed). I wrote the current version from scratch just for fun, which means it takes a darn long time to make updates. At present, I am pursuing photography as a hobby-cum-side job, though I may return to it on a more significant level in the future.

I grew up in Vermont, and have just moved to Boston, after spending the better part of the last three years in New York City. My educational background is varied - I attended two universities on opposite sides of the country, studied abroad twice, focused on subjects from architecture to geology, and spent a summer doing a student volunteer project in Australia.

Career-wise, I have also been fortunate enough to have had diverse opportunities. I've experienced the excitement of working on a successful campaign for U.S. Senate; I've spent time at two daily newspapers, affording me the ability to learn more about the communities I lived in; I've taught team-building and leadership skills to children and teens (I also taught them rock climbing, which they likely preferred), and occasionally, people even pay me to take some photographs.

In my spare time I enjoy discovering new restaurants, jumping out of planes, observing the stratifications of pebbles on the seashore, writing random pieces of The Great American Self-Help Book (I'd appreciate if those who know me would refrain from commenting on the irony of such an activity), creating unscientific hypotheses, laughing at the photo captions in The Economist, and now exploring all that Boston has to offer.